How to Survive a Boss From Hell

We've all encountered them at some stage. They make your life a misery. But don't despair. Together we can overcome the boss from hell.

How to Heal a Broken Heart

Simple steps to help you recover and heal a broken heart.

The Subscription App Paradox

The cost of annual subscriptions to our favourite apps is becoming prohibitive. When will developers realise we might just stop paying every year?

7 Life Lessons from an Encounter with The Rolling Stones

On a cold and sunny day in Dublin, a trip to see The Rolling Stones provided some valuable life lessons. Maybe some day we'll enjoy similar days again.

Should We Care About Toxic People?

We've all come across people we wish we hadn't met. I'm also guilty of judging people before getting to know them. So in terms of annoying behaviour, should we be more forgiving?

Three Surprising Things I’m Truly Grateful For

I'm grateful for many things in life, but sometimes the more obscure also need our thanks.


Recollections of a time when I should have done more for someone.

YouTube Premium Versus AdBlocking: One Subscription Too Many?

I cringe at the number of hours I've spent on YouTube. Now that AdBlockers have limited success on the platform, is it time to do something more productive instead or pay up and subscribe?
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